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Tin and Type Photography is owned and ran by Kara Lee.

A  Southern Indiana based photographer, wife, mother and music lover.

Kara Lee is a natural light photographer who specializes in outdoor family photography and children’s portraiture.

A 6 time published photographer with

a 5th place placement in a National Contest

Simply Beautiful, Moody Imagery

with Genuine Emotion 

-Finding the you underneath-

"I think everyone has a unique way of seeing the world. We all see things differently because of who we are. Our life experiences, our interests help form the people we become. For me I feel like I’m not always the one talking but watching. Taking in the world for what it really is. Seeing who you truly are underneath. I want to capture that. I want to capture the you that only a few get to see. The you with your guard down.

The REAL you."











Who is the real me?

The real me is a girl who orders a mcdouble without cheese ketchup only because yes I’m really that complicated

The real me will pick a Kevin Costner movie 9 times out of 10

The real me cares more about the lyrics to the song than the song itself

The real me sees the value in the history of an object when no one else can

The real me is listening when everyone else is speaking

The real me loves The Wizard of Oz because there really is no place like home.